McJay Recruitment is a long-established staffing agency, which is compassionate and dedicated towards the clients seeking health care in the comfort of their homes. We employ healthcare professionals who are registered and trained in their duties to provide proper medical assistance as doctors, nurses and other recognized carers that are available round the clock in different shifts, from day/night to live-in. We are committed to deploying adroit medical staff at our clients’ disposal –for we understand the significance of good staff when it comes to medical practices. This approach increases efficiency and the ability to create or facilitate such solutions. Our recruiters carefully screen candidates in a way that the right person for the right job is sent to the right place. The shortlisted candidates are then briefed about their job and are provided with on-job training so that the wellbeing of clients is not put at stake. We allow our clients to choose for them the staff they need to be looked after at the hands of. Also, our consistent endeavours in this regard make sure that our clients receive 24-hour medical care with unswerving diligence.

At McJay Recruitment, we provide healthcare experts for:

    • Emergency care service
    • Dementia/ Alzheimer care
    • Post-hospital recovery care
    • Live-in care
    • One-to-one specialist at Hospital and Home
    • Doctor/ Nurse Escorts for Hospital Transfers
    • Administration of Medicine
    • Blood Test
    • Respite/ Palliative Care
    • Injections, Home IV Therapy
    • Diabetes Management
    • Community Health Care

Why Choose Us ?

McJay Recruitment can furnish you with an assurance of reliability. Our experienced staff and trustworthiness make a good reason for you to believe in our healthcare services. We are ahead of any competition in the niche; our expertise lies in tailoring our services to the clients’ varying specifications. We lend ear to our clients and strive hard to implement each of the provided instructions with greater accuracy. Though our carers and nurses possess handful experience in this domain, yet we never cease to put them on training sessions to augment their skills and knowledge. We understand how crucial it is for you to choose a staffing agency for your loved ones; thus, we already maintain a decent, qualified staff to serve the ailing individual with great care and compassion. You can leave it all to us –regardless of the criticality of the situation.

Here are some facts that attest to the reliability of McJay Recruitment Consultancy Limited

    • Our entire staff members are subjected to police checks before commissioning them into their respective jobs.
    • We are licensed to provide healthcare services throughout the UK.
    • We facilitate round-the-clock healthcare assistance for our clients.

What To Expect

We acknowledge the individual needs of our clients; hence, we are considerate enough to take into account their personality and interest whilst keeping their medical requirements at the forefront. We have diligent staff members inculcated in them the courtesy and sense of responsibility towards the bed ridden individual, making clients comfortable with our conduct.


At McJay Recruitment consultancy Ltd, we provide reliable and affordable home care services to clients in the London/Essex area. Whether you need daily health related attention or are looking for appointment based care, we are at your service, Our certified practitioners work with you and your doctor to develop and manage a personalized home health plan that is most convenient for you.